Course Requirements

  • Weekly Email Correspondence (40%): The largest portion of your grade will be based on your asynchronous discussions of the course readings with your classmates. Each week you will be paired with a classmate who will be your correspondent for the week. One student will be assigned to initiate the correspondence by sending an email to their correspondent. This email should be sent by Friday night at the latest. The recipient should respond to this email no later than Monday morning. The initial correspondent completes the weekly exchange with a brief follow-up by Tuesday evening. Each week Dr. Scheinfeldt will name a discussion leader, who will summarize the week’s correspondence and lead a discussion of the readings. You should make sure to copy the week’s discussion leader and Professor Scheinfeldt all of your classmate correspondence.
  • In-class Participation (30%): In addition to emailing with our classmates, we will take 90 minutes each week (Wednesday 1:30-3:00) to discuss the readings as a group. Each of you will be assigned at least one week to lead the class discussion.
  • Final Paper (30%): Expand one of the emails you originated into a 5-8 page paper. Due 12/10.